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Europe - Prisoners In Paradise (LP)

40 DKK
EPIC - 1991 (EPC 458755 1)

1."All or Nothing"Eric Martin, Andre Pessis, Joey TempestTempest3:54
2."Halfway to Heaven"Tempest, Jim VallanceTempest, Vallance4:06
3."I'll Cry for You"Tempest, Nick GrahamTempest, Graham5:21
4."Little Bit of Lovin'"TempestTempest, Kee Marcello4:48
5."Talk to Me"Tempest, Mic MichaeliTempest, Michaeli4:06
6."Seventh Sign"TempestTempest, Marcello, Michaeli4:42
7."Prisoners in Paradise"TempestTempest5:36
8."Bad Blood"Tempest, MichaeliTempest, Marcello4:19
9."Homeland"Tempest, MichaeliTempest, Marcello, Michaeli4:51
10."Got Your Mind in the Gutter"Tempest, Beau HillMarcello, Hill4:59
11."'Til My Heart Beats Down Your Door"Brian McDonald, FionaTempest, Michaeli3:47
12."Girl from Lebanon"TempestTempest4:20