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Alanis Morisette - Jagged Little Pill (CD)

15 DKK
1995 - Maverick

1. "All I Really Want"   4:45
2. "You Oughta Know"   4:09
3. "Perfect"   3:08
4. "Hand in My Pocket"   3:42
5. "Right Through You"   2:56
6. "Forgiven"   5:00
7. "You Learn"   4:00
8. "Head over Feet"   4:27
9. "Mary Jane"   4:41
10. "Ironic"   3:50
11. "Not the Doctor"   3:48
12. "Wake Up"

Alannah Myles - lead and backing vocals
Kurt Schefter - guitars
David Tyson - keyboards, bass, backing vocals on "Still Got This Thing", producer
Steve Webster - bass on all songs except for "Black Velvet"
Jørn Andersen - drums
David Wipper - acoustic guitar, mandolin
John Johnson - saxophone
Rick Waychesko - trumpet
Michael Sloski - percussion
Roberto Bartolucci - guitar overdubs on "Just One Kiss" and "Lover of Mine"
Scott Humphrey - keyboard programming
Gary Craig - drums on "Who Loves You"
Lisa Dalbello - backing vocals on "Just One Kiss" and "Kick Start My Heart"
Peter Fredette - backing vocals on "Kick Start My Heart" "Rock This Joint" and "If You Want To"
Dean McTaggart - backing vocals on "Kick Start My Heart" and "Rock This Joint"
Jackie Richardson - backing vocals on "Still Got This Thing"
Christopher Ward - backing vocals on "Love Is" and "Still Got This Thing", executive producer